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21 May 2020 is getting recognition from the small business customers. Here at we’re dedicated to coming up with thoughtful solutions for our clients. We were established in 2018 in Opole, Poland to create neatly designed, user- friendly and secure dedicated high-performance custom software solutions. Part of our dogma is to be a company that focuses […]


How QA can save your product

13 May 2020

The crisis happening all around is making a huge impact on all sectors of the industry. Cust-cutting happens all around us, and enterprises seek where can the spending be limited. Some branches take on the situation better, some worse – but we can agree that the pandemic has affected everyone. We obviously still have to […]


React now and put JS in your app

06 May 2020

React is a library of JavaScript, which you can use for building interactive and fast user interfaces for mobile and web applications. This is a front-end, component-based and open-source library. The responsibility of ReactJS is limited to the application’s view layer only. In Model View Controller or MVC architecture, the view layer is liable for […]


You really need a BA!

28 April 2020

From the vast experience, we have gathered during the development of the projects for our customers, we can state one thing for sure. If the costs need to be cut, the last place you want those cuts to happen is the Business Analysis part. When you think about software development, you most probably don’t realize […]


Making the touch-points perfect.

08 April 2020

We are closing into a full month of movement limitations across the whole of Europe and the US. After gathering data and formulating statistics it’s now possible to draw some basic conclusions on the trends that are spreading throughout the enterprises. Past weeks were as challenging as they were insightful. We, along with many renowned […]


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