Making the touch-points perfect.

08 April 2020

We are closing into a full month of movement limitations across the whole of Europe and the US. After gathering data and formulating statistics it’s now possible to draw some basic conclusions on the trends that are spreading throughout the enterprises. Past weeks were as challenging as they were insightful. We, along with many renowned […]


Keeping skills on top of isolation

24 March 2020

Today, when you think of your modern learning system, LMSs might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. And that’s fair because the emergence of new technologies and tools are playing a significant role in paving the way for learning experience platforms. Technically, LXP allows personalized learning experiences through the consolidation and […]


Home Office Crash Course

17 March 2020

If you’re one of the many, that had to switch their usual workplace for a comfy chair and desk at home, you’ve came to the right spot. Millions of people around the world faced an obligatory change in the working habits – COVID-19 forced them to stay home to work remotely. Even thou statistics show […]


Custom Software and simplyfying processes

13 March 2020

Custom software development is more than just a tailored solution for enterprises; it’s an extension of software solutions that involves variant web design and web development options. Custom software development is primarily an exclusive form of building solutions that cater to specific business needs. Today, enterprises can avail a multitude of benefits from custom software […]


Benefits of Ordering a Custom Web Application

26 February 2020

Custom web applications are becoming an industry standard The integration and usability of custom web applications can save around 7.5 hours of your time each week. Furthermore, the majority of the business owners feel that they wouldn’t have earned huge revenues had it not been for custom-made web applications. When you order a custom web […]


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