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Supercharge your learnig

Create a handcrafted learning solution. Make your team's skills skyrocket & do it with tools that align with self-aware people.

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Use next-gen learning methods

Learning eXperience Platforms reflect a shift in learner's mindset

Traditional methods of knowledge transfer in organizations are outdated. LXPs break the upskilling content into short sessions. The gain of knowledge becomes effortless for the learners. Your teams will learn whenever they feel like it while doing it faster and more efficiently.

Access knowledge anywhere

Reach the platform from any place you like

We put structured, straightforward content in a central location, accessible for entire teams. Users can pick up a course anytime, anywhere. Webinars, lectures, tutorials are always exactly o point. We scatter heavy files around many data centers across the globe.  Access without log load times gives users an enjoyable experience.

Who will gain when we deploy your LXP? 🤔

It's not just teams who will get advantage by having a modern learning platform

We will create an ecosystem that supports the growth of your whole business. Benefits that you gain go way beyond having a skilled talent pool. A platform that delivers great content to your teams will create synergy across your whole organization.

Leaders & Managers

LXP gives you full insight into the corporate culture 🧐. Know which skills are trending among your teams and use that knowledge to make informed business decisions.

Sales & Business Development

Highly skilled crews create better value 💰 for your customers. Unique knowledge that your teams gain and share on a learning experience platform makes your products better.

Employee Success & HR Teams

ccess to the learning platform's comprehensive statistics 📊  lets your HR team know what people learned and where they need support. Employee Success will know how people align with your organization.

The Social Talent LXP

Social Talent is a leading Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that puts focus on HR specialists and departments. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Social Talent deploys it's the platform in the structures of world-famous enterprises such as Tesla, Microsoft, or IBM, providing excellent upskilling content for the end-customers.

The LXP that we have developed with codleabs.rocks would not be a success if not for their deep understanding of our vision...
- Walter Wynne, CTO

Manage content with ease

Let the users learn intuitively and get full control over the process

LXPs allow enterprises to take full control over administrative tasks. And organizations can use this freedom to automate and communicate with team members during training. Effective management of courses, groups, and registrations become easier.

Enhance team's communication

Help team members to communicate and collaborate

Learning experience  impacts the entire enterprises' overall communication strategy. Distribute information on agendas, forums, or even email messages. LXP helps enterprises create an environment where team members can pinpoint a vital piece of information in a few clicks.

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