Our workflow with the customers

Want to be engaged in the whole process or just leave it to us?

Let’s work on your project together!

Work with us in Agile Project Management methodology

  • Hourly based projects (T&M) with changing requirements
  • Agile projects based on SCRUM or Kanban
  • Multiple projects and continuous cooperation
Let's .analyze!

Let us do this for you!

Present your idea and let us do the rest

  • Projects with fixed scope and budget
  • Set deadlines
  • Reduced customer participation in the project
Let's .develop!

How it works?

Step 1.

Get creative and present your
exceptional ideas to our team

Step 2.

Stay active and have impact on
your project developmentor


Feel free to focus on your businesswhile we will develop the project for you :)

Step 3.

Enjoy the outcome tailored
to your requirements!

Thinking of the project but not sure if someone
will be so daring to do it? Try us!

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