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The brightest of the software we developed:


Global leader and innovator of HR training 👩🏫

Social Talent is a leading Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that puts focus on HR specialists and departments. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Social Talent deploys it's the platform in the structures of world-famous enterprises such as Tesla, Microsoft, or IBM, providing excellent upskilling content for the end-customers. The skills developed by the HR specialists that have access to the top-notch content on Social Talent platform, help them elevate the world-famous enterprises to an even higher level.

Social Talent approached us at the very early stage of their growth

Having a solid, bullet-proof vision of the product, they were seeking a stable partner to become their outsourced IT department. Having little technological experience, the founders had to find a reliable external CTO who would become the architect of the platform, and would ensure it's proper delivery.

Mature platform that scaled expotentialy

When we began developing the tech behind the Social Talent platform, their business consisted of just the founders and a few people helping them. Over the course of 2 years, we took care of every part of the software and helped the company grow big enough to become the world's most popular Learning Experience platform for the HR departments. They now employ a team of 200+ people, just to support their customer's non-technical requirements, while we maintain the code and technology.


A groudbreaking startup bringing therapeutical support to the mobile devices 🚀

WeTalk is an innovative startup company, that delivers an online-based, professional therapeutical support for the patients. Using a smart app, and a SaaS payment model, it reaches to busy professionals that can't afford to spend time for live meetings with psychotherapists. It also caters to the needs of patients that for various other reasons, can not access help from a psychoanalyst personally. Currently the startup has gained exceptional traction and is rapidly growing to become a platform exceeding initial expectations.

A complete, multiplatform solution that would be easily accessible anytime and anywhere

We accepted a challenge to create a dedicated web application with a mobile component based on the native approach. The model of telemedicine was applied to psychotherapy with huge success in the US market. The problem we had to overcome was adapting the proven solution to a very specific, local mindset. Giving users a top-notch experience had to be followed up with a customized approach that breaks the barrier blocking patients from accessing the therapeutical support. Customer strongly believed that a solution that is widespread in America and has disrupted the therapeutical market abroad, will be a bullseye shot 🎯 Poland as well.

A web-based app, that employs the Angular framework to it's limits

It was the first step to turn the customer's vision into reality. We have made a platform's MVP and kept on going from there, adding additional functionalities in regular SCRUM sprints. Every 2 weeks a new iteration was delivered and upon finishing the web app we immediately delivered a mobile solution based on the PWA concept. This let to the rapid deployment of the product. With every day out in the wild, WeTalk gained traction which secured resources for further development. By placing a solid foundation on Symfony PHP during web development, we ensured that creating a true native app was simple and efficient.

Market success and widespread adoption

We provide support and further development for WeTalk. Since it's initial release, the platform turned out to be a full market success. The startup is in the growth stage, with a stable influx of new users month over month. Lean method of management and accurate marketing decisions make this disruptive company a leader in the internet revolution for the healthcare industry in Poland. New features are added with speed and stability, which further expands WeTalk's reach.

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IT Projects

Agile development of software in all shapes and sizes is our daily pleasure.
Over the years we've spent in the IT industry we delivered a multitude of different projects. Ranging from simple, yet technologically sophisticated web apps, to live community-based Learning Experience Platforms. Members of our development teams, experienced and skilled in JavaScript and PHP coding support front and back ends of software deployed worldwide. We live by the rule of practical approach to the Database at codleabs.rocks. That means, your software is safe with us, and instead of caretaking, you can focus on developing your business. We are used to the startup mindset. We have delivered functional products to Founders seeking MVP development software house. Due to legal constraints, we are allowed to share only a part of the work we have done before. We are proud to share the effects of hours spent coding at The Lab!
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Crave for developement challenges

We improve sour skillset daily. Exciting projects provide an opportunity to master modern technologies. We take care of every detail, scrutiny in small things yields incredible results. Absolute dedication and customer-oriented approach turn our cooperation into a smooth experience. All the doubts that appear on the way are kept at bay thanks to detailed feedback. Final result will surpass your expectations. Go on - challenge us!