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MVP for $15k, tested, built and ready to startup in less than 3 months.

Made by SCRUM specialists, while you focus on growth.
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Check your idea with business surrounding. Get insight and evaluation made by a visionary team. Constrain you feature appetite with sensible planning.


Use the form at the end of the page to apply for our concept review.. We verify how fast we can develop your idea and how the market can carry it. Expect us to contact you very soon.

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WhatsApp call

The next step is a video call based on a Q&A sheet. You feed us with further details. Our experience and extensive knowledge enables us to assess what your MVP should consist of exactly.

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Review / Feedback

We gather internal feedback and get back to you shortly. Cut to the absolute least; we ask you to examine our vision of the product. Only clean, vital functionalities remain in the backlog.


We meet in convinient location nearby, for a signing session. With the final details considered, we sign a contract and finally take off. We now are confident to step into the next phase.


Get your code done nearshore. We will take care of the technical part, while you move to more exciting duties. Your MVP will consist of impressive tech under the hood.


Designated Project Manager is your contact concierge. This person satisfies your curiosity about the issues appearing on the way. Ask all questions and get complete answers instantly.


Fixed development model means we can make no changes on the go. Progress tracking becomes vital for your sanity and well-being. We give you access to our project management tool,giving you instant insight on the progress.


Acquiring the correct tech specialist stays on the house. The full-stack approach means we cover all the issues that devs might come across. Plot and plan the growth while we cover the technical part.


As long as the scope of the project stays untouched, we guarantee to deliver what we promised, entirely on time. Your vision can shift, but part of our job is to stay true to the promises we have made. We are your technology partner.

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Supporting quality product with top-notch pitch deck is the magic formula. We give you a tool to work with investors and capitals. The presentation is as important as execution.


We connect your idea with investors and business angels. By providing a customized list of potential shareholders, we pave the road to the success of your product. You will get a direct go-to list of appropriate venture capitals.


MVP release marks the start of your future growth. We provide a development roadmap, filled, and ready to become a base for marketing strategy. We storm all the actions that need taking and describe them in a retailing backlog.


We now know your idea, inside-out. We deliver a condensed pill of info about it, presented according to global standards. Pitch deck that we author is ready for an influential trip around the world.


Picture makes perfect. To provide an ultimate pitch-deck, we dress its content in an appropriate form. Fine-tuning of the visuals will help you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of “The Big Fish”.

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End is the beginning. We provide constant support for your product. At a moment's notice, the work is carried on and features added.


We grant your project a full-time dev team in a Time&Material mode. It means the sky is the limit. We now take care of all the extra features and make your product gold.


We work in agile development. Our SCRUM teams are capable of adjusting the goals on the go. Short sprints with realistic goals safeguard the progress, allowing flexibility without expense.


Our active supervision over the development means that we sill feed you with suggestions throughout the process. When the SCRUM master spots a breakthrough, he suggests adjustments for your consideration.


While you focus on growth, we take on challenges to deploy and maintain the product. By becoming your full-time tech partner, we carry all the weight. The Level of Service is part of the Agreement.

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Let’s start a new project together

Provide basic details about yourself. Our assessment team will get in touch shortly to ask further questions and evaluate your startup concept.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my MVP online?

There is no rule for an exact time frame in which you can produce an MVP. We do it smartly. You describe the idea, what problems you solve, your expectations, and functionality of the solution. Our part is, to establish what design and features your MVP actually needs.. Now you can do the proof-of-concept and get enough investors’ audience. The goal is to manufacture your minimum viable product within 3-4 months.

Why do I need a pitch deck?

You need the pitch deck to make investors believe in your idea. We provide a professional pitch deck guide. Our business and marketing analytics, ensure you prepare a top-notch pitch deck. This will sell your idea to business angels, venture capitals, and make you grow.

I’m not much into technology. How can I become a successful founder?

Codelabs will become your extended CTO on demand. We instantly feed you with required IT capabilities, business consultancy, and dev intelligence. We believe in you and your idea, so we encourage you to growth-hack and seek funding for your tech product.

Why does codelabs fit best to my project, and why are you supporting startups?

We work very agile, and we adapt to your needs rapidly. To be flexible also means to be capable, to scale your business as you need it. Our structure enables us to shift the number of resources as required. Shaping the right set of skills required at the current moment is a huge advantage. Our experience will take your seed-business up and make it running.

We understand that supporting blooming startups is an excellent opportunity for both parties. As codelabs, we love challenges and we want to take part in your success story. We are sure that what comes around, goes around, and we will be able to grow with you. As a tech partner of a unicorn business that you will soon become.

What stuff do I need to apply?

To qualify your startup idea we need to dive deep. Afterwards, we schedule an online interview where we discuss the origin of your idea and share our thoughts. We also consider your plans for user traffic, business model, and marketing. This helps us to assess your concept and plan a meeting in one of our We-work spaces in Tel-Aviv to agree on a solution fit for your purpose.

How will you support me in seeking funding and growth?

Codelabs has a vast network of business partners, VC’s, and business angels. We organize investor meetups every quarter. You will have the chance to present your startup, canvass your idea in front of Professionals. You get insights and the possibility to attract investors to your idea. Furthermore, we share the best practices on how to proceed with your startup.

How can I invest in ideas and startups made by codelabs?

Our quarterly investor meetups enable you to get a brief overview of the ideas we work on. Get involved in our meetups by filling the form located above the FAQ.

What is your technology focus?

We focus on code quality, current and beyond technology first. The technologies we are mastered in are front-end: Angular 8, React.js, HTML5, CSS, SA SS, JavaScript, WebGL; backend: PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, Node.js, mongoDB, ElasticSearch.

How can I be sure you deliver what you promise?

We sign a contract with the exact scope we agreed during our MVP foundation meeting. The fixed price includes fundamental features enabling you to start the exciting startup journey. Payments done secured via Payoneer or Revolut in tranches, as the dev stages are progressing. For more complex systems, we also use escrow accounts.

Is my idea safe with you?

Definitely. As your technology partner, we are open, honest, and transparent. In any moment of our conversation when it will come into details, we send you a signed NDA. Furthermore, we believe that it's not the idea itself, but you in person who achieves the big success. We enable you to carry out this success with best-in-class IT.

How does the governance of nearshore dev teams look like?

During the MVP planning, we involve a dedicated Project Manager to your project. This PM drafts a plan of sprints and tasks according to SCRUM methodology. You get updates, as Product Owner, on the go, at least once a week. You get access to the Project Management tool to be up-to-date and track the progress.

What is the next step after my MVP has been deployed?

Looking forward to your MVP, you already worked with us on your pitch deck. Now it's time to generate first user traffic, collect feedback from users and advisors. It's crucial now to present your pitch and negotiate with VC's and business angels, to get seed funding. Being ready to develop further your product, we consult and plan new features with you. Our pricing model transfers now into time & material. Monthly billing and reports create a transparent way to cooperate.