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Web 3.0 software house

Regardless of the branch of blockchain to which your project relates, we will provide in-depth industry knowledge and build a suitable solution. We assemble secure dApps, smart contracts, digital asset exchanges and deliver bespoke token development.

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Cryptocurrency solutions

unimited range of highly secure financial solutions

Groundbreaking technology of Distributed Ledger Technology enables us to create secure blockchain platforms based on decentralized protocols. Thanks to our blockchain development services, Businesses that rely on verified transactions and data exchange concepts can securely advance to a higher level of their respective markets.

Decentralized Apps

complete dAapp architecture, including communication with oracles

We create peer-to-peer software applications with decentralized nature, independent from central governance. Our code services within blockchain enable the growth of unique businesses within financial, gaming, and social media market verticals. By delegating crucial data storage to a broad network of nodes, responsible for cryptographic security and ensuring open-source transparency of the code we give an unparalleled level of dependability to the projects that we develop.  

Smart Contract development

bespoke blockchain applications based on existing solutions

Solutions and technologies related to Solidity, with all it's advantages of inheritance, interfaces and fallback procedures give our developers access to amazing Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) empowers us to create code that has all the potential to disrupt a broad range of different business industries.

Devshop for your future blockchain project 🚀🌔

with a comprehensive background in legacy web apps development and specialised developers onboard

We can create a decentralized solution perfectly aligned with your business vision, fine-tuned to the specific needs of the blockchain market. Apart from being a team of experienced engineers and software developers, we are also blockchain enthusiasts. We understand the challenges of this unique industry and speak the same language as the community, offering an exceptional level of understanding when approaching your crypto project.

blockchain consultancy & business analysis

From our first contact with the blockchain business idea, we can support the business side of the project with insight and guidance. We know the nuances of this challenging environment and have the experience that will help you lead the project in the proper direction, maximising it's market potential.

rapid development and accurate delivery

Projects that we have delivered for our customers have always been disruptive and innovative. We know that the speed and accuracy of delivering blockchain applications are crucial in a rapidly changing environment. We guarantee to supply a product that is completely aligned with its specification.

Our technological stack

we provide access to a team of highly specialised blockchain developers

Blockchain software and services development require the highest possible level of agility in coding. Because of the quickly evolving surroundings of the cryptocurrency market, the list of our technological skills constantly grows and is supplemented with the newest technologies, as soon as they reach a satisfying level of safety and maturity.

GamerHash's NFT marketplace

We have built a crucial part of GamerHash ecosystem, that is planned to be one of the major features of this unique gamer-oriented platform. Operated by connection with user's metamask wallet, the marketplace alows browsing, trading and buying NFTs created on the Ethereum Network, and those minted with the use of OpenSea's storefront.

We know that we can trust and depend on' team with the ideas that drive the growth of GamerHash ecosystem. They are reliable, always within reach, and possess remarkable knowledge and experience with the disruptive technologies that are required to build applications on the blockchain.
- Patryk Pusch, CEO & Co-Founder @

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