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Secure, community-driven Validator Nodes

We are a rapidly growing staking service provider based in Poland. Delegate your stake, along with our own to a high performing network, with TIER 3 certified infrastructure.

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Well-built 💪

Distributed infrastructure with full redundancy

We maintain the validator node on a custom, globally distributed infrastructure. It consists of highly efficient, fully redundant tier 3 racks that are nearly always online with 24/7 alerting and monitoring. In addition, we provide instant issue coverage with continuous availability, which we base on multiple data replication procedures. Command terminal can be accessed with multi-factor authentication only, and best-in-class connectivity allows authorized entry even from considerably detached sites.

Secure 🛡

DDoS protected and monitored 24/7

We view security as the most critical element. We safeguard the network against hostile actions using high-performing servers, enhanced DDoS protection, and advanced monitoring tools. In addition, we prevent the nodes from exploitation by relying on private endpoint routing, virtual grids, and peerings. Continuous integration of the evolving protection guidelines and best practices allows us to completely guard your stake against virtual and physical attack attempts.

Credible ✅

Active governance on multiple dPoS chains

We carefully evaluate which protocols we select to validate, following their development a way before their respective ICOs. Furthermore, by locking our own assets, we clearly display our firm support towards the projects we believe in. Finally, by gathering and analyzing network statistics, we can better understand the projects' developments and make governance decisions that benefit the community in the first place. We record actions and give you transparent data confirming your assets are staked with a team that is elbows deep.

Community-driven 🙌

Supporting the innovators and future of blockchains

Our validator enterprise has its origins in the COSMOS polish community. Founders and supporters of our nodes stake alongside the delegators with the profound belief that the projects we support, are the future of blockchain. In addition, we constantly help develop the community by participating in and organizing events and meetups that spread web 3.0 knowledge. We have partaken in the blockchain for years, so we understand the builders' needs, actively supporting the innovators with expertise and portion of the staking rewards as well.

Validator Nodes Portfolio
Delegate your stake on the following chains:

Sławek | Co-Founder
Business leader, Tech Specialized CEO and previously Senior Software Developer at Analyst and strategical decision maker.
Krzysztof | Co-Founder
Executive and Financial C-suite leader at multiple tech companies. Investor and entrepreneur with a qualitative vision for tech businesses.
Paweł | Co-Founder
He is an IT entrepreneur, a gaming and blockchain investor with a unique passion for new technologies. Visionary spotting trends and leading businesses towards unexplored, blue oceans.
Paweł | Co-Founder
CTO and executive at multiple technological businesses, including a leading e-commerce development company. Deeply experienced software developer and architect of infrastructure platforms.

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