We all may have heard about Learning management systems (LMS). They have been around for quite a long time. Learners and trainers have been used to teaching and learning with the LMS applications. It is only in recent years that the demand for a diverse range of features that have come in demand due to possibilities by newer technologies and approaches.

First, let us look at 4 major benefits that an LXP offers today so we can look at the user perspective and how LXP users can gain from it. Learning Experience Platform (LXP) customizes the learning experience. This is a paradigm shift from the way the Learning Management System (LMS) has been traditionally delivering the training and learning activities.

Key benefits of an LMS


LXP gives plenty of room for personalization. Content can be created according to employee’s previous knowledge and the directional focus on their aspired competencies. Individuals can fill their knowledge gaps. Employees can get a better experience by having their learning experience customized. They can get recommendations of courses aligned to their career goals. There are further customized options like the difficulty level of courses, assessments, and personalization of instructional delivery methods. One can track learning and growth progress against benchmarks and with the variety of features available, feedback can also be personalized.

Wider content

Besides the usual LMS output of compliance and training programs, LXP's can empower learners with more learning material content from different content providers widening the number of learning courses. This enables the expansion of learning options and pathways. Online integration can provide seamless content availability for configuration.

Collaborative features

The design architecture of LXP platforms and user interfaces are made keeping collaborative training and learning as a focus area. LXP's enable learners to share various content on the platform and showcase achievements and landmarks within the system. It supports cross-device compatibility and can be accessed across devices like mobile apps, tablets, laptops, and facilitates anytime access. There are also AI-based features that help reduce the administrative chores of the administrators in some LXP's.

Higher engagement

Social learning and personalization enable learners with more engagement for upskilling. Leaning paths based on custom configurations based on each learner makes for a more value-added learning experience. Learners can learn at their own pace. This type of personalized learning experience increases learning productivity and satisfaction besides knowledge.

Sectors which need LXPs

We can see that the Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) offer a very different set of learning dimensions and perspectives in terms of customization, variety of content, collaboration, and more engagement. This can benefit a lot of users today. Let's look at some of them.

Business organizations

Organizations have various compliance programs for their employees and also training programs. These programs can be made more personalized and engaging that will appeal to today's generation. LXP's can integrate with multiple platforms of an organization like the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the Human Resource Management System, and other learning systems too. This can provide a unified view of the enterprise-wide learning patterns, trends, and progress. One of the fundamental shifts is the extension of learning with other systems in the organizations and the utilization of combined data for valuable learning insights. Learning becomes more effective using an LXP. There is broader development of skills and capabilities for students.

Educational institutions

Today's students are used to personalization in receiving their content. For example, they may be watching movies where Netflix gives them personalized movie recommendations based on their viewing habits. Or a music app gives them recommendations based on their music tastes. Compared to that the LMS may seem as outdated and boring to the learners and trainers. Educational institutions can utilize the LXP's to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience. Students can get more productive in their learning with the seamless delivery of integrated content and a collaborative experience. 

Individual Learners

Individual learners can also sign up on LXP platforms to get richer learning experiences. They can plan their career goals and the LXP can recommend custom learning pathways and courses based on their existing qualifications and courses are undertaken. The flexibility in course availability and collaboration with online peers and mentors provide a different engaging and collaborative experience.

LXP Benefits summary

Learning Experience Platform (LXP) creates a positive and very effective experience for learners at an individual level or an organizational level. It has very intuitive interfaces and offers analytical and actionable insights on learning and aid in improvement. It unlocks new learner potential and makes a better learning application. Newer technologies like Virtual Assistants, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and, Natural Language Processing are making advanced features available and holds great learning potential for the future. All organizations should explore the potential of the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for enhanced learning.