Introducing codelabs

Hello everyone! Our Software House is finally alive! We just wanted to introduce ourselves and invite you to visit our website

Serious stuff about the company

Long story short, codelabs is a Software House specializing in web solutions. We also build mobile apps and e-commerce platforms. Symfony, Angular, React.js, PHP are our main skills, however, we stay open for other technologies.

We are most experienced in e-learning and fintech. For one of our clients, we integrated over 20 banks and turned it into banking platform.

Codelabs team just know how to make a good web app – says Tomasz Suchanek, Member of the Board at Open Brokers S.A.

We are also proud of PrestaShop based e-commerce platform for Dental Cost, as well as the online system for sale and rental of professional cleaning machines. No matter if you operate in B2B, B2C or Multichannel model, we will find an appropriate solution for you.

Maybe you own a startup or you have an idea that has been frozen in a fridge for too long. We can help you turn this idea into something great. Maybe you just need to extend your team of developers? We can help you with that as well because we want to take outsourcing to a completely new level!

How does it work? First, it’s time for you to present your idea to our team. Then, you’ve got two options. If you want to be fully engaged in the whole process of project development – you can! Work with us in Agile Project Management methodology. But if you want to let us do this for you, just present the idea and let us do the rest. The last step is just to enjoy the results of our work.

A little bit about our team

The homely atmosphere is probably the best expression to describe our everyday life at codelabs. Our CEO gathered a bunch of experts in IT and non-tech people who are motivated to develop amazing projects for you.

We are hungry for new challenges! We believe sharing knowledge and constant learning is what make us exceptional and always up-to-date with new solutions. Getting better in specific areas and paying attention to details assures the highest quality.

They made the implementation a smooth and painless process. They also take good care of the system – says Łukasz Blasik, CEO at Dental Cost.

We are a senior team with different competencies, one of them is listening. We deeply care about your overall experience during our cooperation. The more complicated project, the more interesting challenge for us!

Plans for the nearest future

As we are a Software House, one of the goals is to expand our team, which for now includes almost 20 people. If you think you would fit, feel free to send us your resume.

We are also waiting for the new office because right now it is under construction. We are getting bigger so we want to make sure that everybody has enough working space.

Moreover, we are working on a couple of projects and we have a bunch of new on the way, however, we are focused on finding some more customers abroad.

What challenge do you have for us?

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