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for energy sector pioneers 🌬🍃

We create software supporting the global trend of growth and investment in the international energy sector. Renewable sources of power and utilities require modern, scalable applications that fully allow consumers to unlock the possibilities of the green revolution.

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Smart Metering Systems

more predictable consumption planning and fees

Vast experience with IoT solutions allows us to deliver platforms enabling your customers to accurately meter energy and utility consumption. With intelligent prediction algorithms, consumers can plan their expenses more predictably. The integrations with external APIs make it possible to adjust consumption when a resource price on the markets suddenly rises.

Energy Liquidity Management

elastic solutions linking prosumers with energy vendors

Quickly build complicated applications that hand over virtual shares of wind farms and solar systems to energy consumers. Redirect stake of the monthly fees into infrastructural investments partially owned by the users - reducing their future bills with no effort. Your loyalty program can become a decentralized network of stakeholders, with ownership information stored in secure, decentralized blockchain ledgers.

Power Distribution Automation

autonomous applications for small scale power grids

We develop software supporting automated analysis of voltage levels, power distribution routes, and energy consumption statuses. We integrate bespoke applications we build for our energy industry clients with multiple, complicated data sources. Individual usage meters, energy inverters, or PV panels can provide data for the optimization algorithms, which will automatically manage the grid settings to reach optimal performance.

Devshop for your future energy project 🔌🔋

with a comprehensive background in web apps development and specialised developers onboard

We can create a custom solution perfectly aligned with your business vision, fine-tuned to the specific needs of the energy market. In addition to being a team of experienced engineers and software developers, we understand the challenges of this unique industry, offering an exceptional level of understanding when approaching your renewable energy project.

software consultancy & business analysis

From our first contact with your business idea, we can support the conceptual side of the project with insight and guidance. We know the nuances of this challenging environment and have the experience that will help you lead the project in the proper direction, maximizing it's market potential.

rapid development and accurate delivery

Projects that we have delivered for our customers have always been disruptive and innovative. We know that the speed and accuracy of delivering web applications are crucial in a rapidly changing environment. We guarantee to supply a product that is completely aligned with its specification.

Our technological stack

we provide access to a team of highly specialised blockchain developers

Software and services development for the energy market require the highest possible level of agility in coding. Because of the quickly evolving surroundings of the web development market, the list of our technological skills constantly grows and is supplemented with the newest technologies, as soon as they reach a satisfying level of safety and maturity.

Smart Metering app for German market

We created a user-friendly web application designed to empower individuals and families to measure, monitor, and plan their energy consumption within their households. Users gain valuable insights into their energy usage patterns, enabling them to make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact and save money on their utility bills.

I’m most impressed with codelabs.rocks planning capabilities and architectural work. They have a very strong architect that has done most of the infrastructure planning on AWS. codelabs.rocks actively thinks about the project’s challenges and plans solutions for the future that are outside our current scope of work — this is something we hadn’t seen before with previous vendors.
- Mathias Herrmann, CEO @ Alleherzen GMBH

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