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Global leader and innovator of HR training.

Our code is the backbone of the platform. You get the support of the same team which feeds SocialTalent with daily code updates. We work remotely with face to face meetings based on three week-long sprints, continually monitoring and improving our customer's solution.

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Open Finance

European fintech sector innovator.

Open Finance is Poland's largest financial broker and escrow provider. Then the revolutionary idea of cross-entity platform that would be able to verify customer's creditworthiness seemed impossible to code. We made it, and keep supporting it with continuous updates. Product owners of the platform challenge us with new concepts and ideas on a regular basis, and experience built on the project is our lockpick for fin-tech solutions.

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Masternodes Club

Community-based, block-chain improvement network.

We continuously code and expand the backend of our customer's radical altcoin generation structure. By our code, masternode configuration becomes automated and simple, allowing users to effortlessly set up mining operations, with no technical knowledge necessary.

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Our experience is key - we create market-ready products of an unparalleled quality.

IT Projects

Agile development of software in all shapes and sizes is our daily pleasure.

Over the years we've spent in the IT industry we delivered a multitude of different projects. Ranging from simple, yet technologically sophisticated web apps, to live community-based Learning Experience Platforms. Members of our development teams, experienced and skilled in JavaScrpit and PHP coding support front and back ends of software deployed worldwide. We live by the rule of practical approach to the Database at codleabs.rocks. That means, your software is safe with us, and instead of caretaking, you can focus on developing your business. We are used to the startup mindset. We have delivered functional products to Founders seeking MVP development software house. Due to legal constraints, we are allowed to share only a part of the work we have done before. We are proud to share the effects of hours spent coding at The Lab!

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Crave for developement challenges

We improve sour skillset daily. Exciting projects provide an opportunity to master modern technologies. We take care of every detail, scrutiny in small things yields incredible results. Absolute dedication and customer-oriented approach turn our cooperation into a smooth experience. All the doubts that appear on the way are kept at bay thanks to detailed feedback. Final result will surpass your expectations. Go on - challenge us!

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