Do you find it challenging to choose the right framework for your new project? If you are about to build a complex web application, it isn't easy to find the framework that caters to your needs.

Many languages have their default frameworks. However, PHP has no default one, and you have to select from many different options.

One fantastic choice is Symfony, which is already being used by several big brands and companies because of its excellent features.  

Generally, Symfony is used to develop websites, web solutions, social networks, blogs, etc. This framework is well-designed, object-oriented, and already well-known all over the globe.

So, if you are new to Symfony and want to learn more about this framework, you have landed at the right place. This page will let you know more about the PHP framework - Symfony, its components, and its importance. We will also let you understand why such big companies and brands use Symfony for their web development.

What exactly is Symfony PHP?

Symfony is a famous PHP framework for web and support applications and a bunch of reusable PHP segments that can be easily used by any developer, thus making the work more fluent and easy. Many numerous applications use Symfony for their development. We can include and in the list of such applications. It even consists of the maximum number of well-known PHP ventures such as Drupal and Magento.

Top Companies and Brands Using Symfony PHP

Many brands and companies are using Symfony to develop their website, content, application, etc. The real-world examples of Symfony are displayed below:


Spotify utilizes Symfony for the maintenance of its 75 million users, which are active all the time. Symfony helps Spotify to handle approximately more than 600 thousand requests every second. 

It even helps to overcome the massive traffic that comes through smartphones. Symfony PHP framework helps in developing a robust and elastic platform conveniently.


Many people around us use BlaBlaCar to find out the ride at an affordable price. The working and managing team of BlaBlaCar uses Symfony to manage the front end and back end of both their website and the mobile application.


To check and compare hotel prices, millions of users visit the website and application of Trivago regularly. The website has heavy traffic on its search option, and thus it is the most famous part of Trivago’s webpage.

Trivago’s team has selected the Symfony PHP framework so that their visitors and clients can have the best experience searching and comparing the hotel prices.


The next great and most famous example of Symfony PHP Framework is Dailymotion. It is one of the largest video activity websites all over the world. There is massive traffic on the website of Dailymotion and is browsed by more than 42 million users.

Such users search for more than 922 million online videos and maintain the quality of experience, and the team has chosen the Symfony framework.

Vogue France/Netherland

It is one of the most popular fashion, trend, and style magazines all over the globe. The Vogue team uses Symfony, and similarly, Dutch Vogue is also developed with this famous Symfony PHP framework. 

These popular brands use Symfony to give the best experience to their clients and visitors and also so that they can increase the number of users on their website.

Doc Planner

docplanner is employing symfony php
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A maximum number of patients use the website of Doc Planner. Whenever there is a need to find a specialist doctor near their house, more than 7 million patients regularly visit the site. 

People can browse the list of more than 1.4 million doctors' data and fix their appointment as per their convenience. The team of Doc Planner has decided to enhance their user experience with Symfony PHP Framework.

Elements of Symfony

Symfony includes PHP components, an application framework, a Community, and a Philosophy. All these work with Symfony so that they may accomplish the general goal of the website easily. 

Here are some elements of Symfony:

Symfony PHP Framework

It is an essential PHP Framework that is worked to envelop the Symfony Components for making the sites full of different features and online applications.

Symfony PHP Components

The segments consist of the reusable parts that a web designer can utilize to assemble great PHP applications. It also contains phpBB, Drupal, and eZ Publish.

Symfony PHP Community

Numerous PHP designers are working as a part of this network and add to the perpetual development of Symfony.

Symfony PHP Philosophy

The Symfony Philosophy targets advancing the prescribed procedures and polished skill and making normalization and electronic applications' ability.

Benefits of Symfony PHP Framework for Development

Symfony has come to its existence with the motive of making the developer’s work easy and efficient. It is because; Symfony does not demand any coding to create the application of the website. Also, it helps them do their task and enables the application to grow with a rapid speed along with stability and elasticity.

There are many more advantages of the Symfony PHP framework for the development of websites and applications. Some of them are discussed below:

High-Speed Development

Today’s era is demanding high-speed growth and development from brands and companies. So, they need to adopt a feature that can give them a flexible nature to develop the best applications. 

Symfony is the best framework that improves applications' performance and activities and helps them grow at high speed.


Symfony is the only framework that can quickly adapt to the requirements of developers. Application developers can effortlessly develop a complex and feature-rich application with its event dispatcher and dependency injector.

One by one, the developers can create all the functions and take the application's growth according to their speed.

A Stretchy Framework

Every element and component of Symfony is available in a collection. A developer can add any new feature or function to expand the framework. 

Also, the framework which is already developed can be used in other projects. The collection system can be used to make massive changes in Symfony without rearranging the entire framework.

A Constant Framework

The company's web or PHP developers provide the support for approximately three years, even though they can also provide lifetime support concerning security problems. The company aims to provide constancy by making sure that all the observations are similar in the framework.

Relieve and Ease

Symfony framework brings comfort and joy for developers by providing a highly functional development environment. The framework usually wants developers to focus on essential functions and features rather than concentrating on small operations.

It helps the developer in doing their work conveniently and without any mistake. Some Symfony tools allow developers to figure out their mistakes in the application, if any.

Easily Accessible

Symfony helps all the developers create an easily accessible application through any device the user wants to access. It is made user-friendly for both new and old users. 

Applications are made flexible with the company's help and support, host of documentation, and society. Through professional support, a developer can quickly learn and perform the practices of Symfony.

Why Should You Use Symfony PHP Framework For Your Projects?

If you are beginning a new development project, you must select the correct framework. Among most of the techniques of development, PHP is the best and most used technology. It is used to create simple as well as difficult websites or applications.

Symfony framework is one of the best PHP frameworks because it is a flexible and less time-consuming technique. It is used to create the software for the users as per their requirements. Here are some reasons that will make you think of using Symfony PHP Framework for your upcoming projects.


It was launched in 2005, and in comparison, to other techniques, Symfony is accepted by the companies more quickly. Symfony is the steadiest environment of development that is well known in a short time. 

Now, it is also recognized at the international level. It is one of the most dynamic communities, developers, integrators, users, and other contributors who contribute to its improvement.


Symfony is the only best tool created with the features to address the world's fundamental requirements. Its permanence refers to the long-term support of the companies in terms of security.

Symfony and professional help also have its ecosystem, which was developed when it was launched. The community and many other brands and companies have invested in this tool and supported it.


Many companies, brands, social networks, significant general public sites, community sites, management and workflow applications, etc., are using Symfony these days. 

There are numerous examples to ensure that every size of brand or business trust Symfony for their development.


Symfony involves flexibility, speed, components, and elements that can be used again and again. It has everything that is expected by a developer from a particular framework. Symfony has created an excitement for developers with its whole community that goes well and far away from PHP.

The developer who uses Symfony does not think twice about finding out the ways and implement them to the work and features of PHP.


As a developer, if you are using Symfony, you will not be alone anytime. Whether you need community support or company support, you will always find yourself covered with many solutions regarding any issue.

Along with the undocumented line, you will also get help related to Symfony to do your job of developing a site or an application accessible.


The main aim of creating a framework like Symfony is to develop a website or device application according to your needs.

Moreover, it enables you to use any part of the Symfony software without using the entire framework.


In conclusion, you must now understand why you should select the Symfony PHP Framework for your upcoming projects in 2020-21. Through this blog, we hope that you now know the importance of Symfony and why other projects are supporting this software development.