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LXP are the modern way to learn.

Today, when you think of your modern learning system, LMSs might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. And that’s fair because the emergence of new technologies and tools are playing a significant role in paving the way for learning experience platforms.

Technically, LXP allows personalized learning experiences through the consolidation and integration of informal and formal learning methods such as LMS training programs. And the utilization of these programs is prevalent among enterprises.

LMSs sure laid the foundation when it comes to the learning ecosystem, but the industry is now evolving for good. And that’s because learning is omnipresent, and this is where the formal structure in today’s LXPs is changing the course of enterprises and how they train team members.

Don’t Confuse LXP with LMS

LMS is categorically a closed system that arranges and then delivers learning content through a content management system or tool. LMS is more confined as compared to LXP. Furthermore, there’s a high chance that team members don’t understand the training questions in LMS closed system. Though LMSs enable enterprises to monitor and assess team members’ progress, its closed systems don’t allow them to track and deliver informal learning.

The nature of the learning experience platform, on the other hand, is an open system that integrates learning from a multitude of sources into a single centralized location. As a result, enterprises manage to get the chance to dive into mandatory training like onboarding courses or compliance.

Essentially, LXPs facilitate enterprise teams to customize unique learning paths and enable them to recommend and share important content to other team members. It’s a new way to find resourceful answers and share it for others to see. Gradually, it functions as a process that allows team members to engage and explore more learning opportunities.

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LXP: The Need of the Hour

The fact is, learning experience platforms are highly practical when it comes to the L&D space. Besides, LXPs are ideal for enterprise-level development and learning. Furthermore, the design of the LXPs allows enterprises to collect, store, and deliver a wide array of training programs for teams in various departments.

Here are some of the ways LXPs can change the way enterprises train their teams:

Instant Accessibility

The main factor that arguably impacts how quickly adopt LXPs is because of their instant access. Practically, structured information organized in a central location that makes it easier for the entire teams to access it anytime and anyplace. Team members can access calendars, courses, archives, analysis, and multimedia content in the blink of an eye.


The allocation and division of time on various activities play a vital role. And this is where LXPs becomes savior for enterprises to manage and share information for team members without having to resort to traditional methods. Also, this time-efficient flexibility cuts down the cost for organizations to train their teams.

Online training sessions, for instance, allow enterprises to train team members who might be from different geographical and cultural backgrounds. What’s even more interesting is that enterprises can repeat the same courses for new team members.

Effective Management

It is true – LXPs allow enterprises to take full control over administrative tasks. And organizations can use this freedom to automate and communicate with team members during training. Effective management of courses, groups, and registrations become easier.

Enterprises can also manage the messages, reminders, and notifications to different team members quickly. In fact, some experts insist on the fact that LXPs is a powerful tool than enterprises realize. The simplified content structure and management of information can help teams learn more intuitively.

Personalization and Updated Content

One of the best aspects of LXPs for enterprises is how it personalizes and updates the content. And this sense of immediacy allows organizations to train their teams better. Enterprises can introduce monolingual or multi-language initiatives for teams. Besides, users can learn about the training program so long as they have web access. With LXPs, the possibilities are truly endless and can help enterprises evaluate the learning ability of team members.

Better Communication

LXPs help team members to communicate and collaborate. In fact, employees should make the most out of this open form of communication. It impacts the entire enterprises’ overall communication strategy to disseminate information pertaining to agendas, forums, or even email messages. LXP helps enterprises create an environment where team members can pinpoint a vital piece of information in a few clicks.

Multimedia Learning

LXPs allow enterprises to create training programs in multimedia learning content. Organizations can amalgamate an extensive amount of practical audio, text, video, and images to serve the needs of the team members’ training.

Simultaneously, it creates a communicative effort between an organization and its team through online chat or forums. The underlying purpose is to interact, attract, and enrich the learning environment of the team.

Advanced Reporting

LXPs allows enterprises to get detailed reports that highlight the progress of team members. The nature of the progress could be categorized individually or collectively. Nevertheless, the ability to create personalized reports work in favor of enterprises during the training process.

Wrap Up

Most of the LXPs provide organizations and as well as learners a single point of access to curate, gather, engage, collaborate, explore, track progress, and share information. In simple terms, the need for a cost-efficient and scalable training strategy is gradually becoming standard for enterprises.

LXP, at its core, offers a chance of social learning to enterprises and its employees. It is a shared experience that has become integral to improve the engagement ratio of teams. It lays out a definitive corporate training structure that lives up to the expectations of employees’ potential. So, give your team a challenge and track the progress of the training program with more valuable and relevant information.

In time, the LXP market will consistently evolve. But before that growth comes to full realization, enterprises can already avail exciting set of features to boost the user experience and organizational learning efforts. It’s an opportunity for enterprises to take advantage of useful training programs through the creation of a dynamic learning culture.

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